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Technology meets human [ Experience ]

"Practical contact and observation of facts, events or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone is called EXPERIENCE."
"While it's impossible to see the future, it is possible to prepare for it."

[Jharkhand’s first Augmented & Virtual Reality Software Company]

Experience Zone is a leading global AR/VR engineering services and solutions company, focused on complete Augmented Reality software development. Experience Zone turn everyday objects, images, and places into new opportunities for engagement through striking augmented reality experiences. Experience Zone focuses on building Mobile, Web, Augmented, Virtual solutions including virtual entertainment/education that aid clients transform their concepts and existing products into next-gen technologies. Experience Zone builds converged solutions using the most up to date Software, Hardware, and cloud technologies for Government, B2B, B2C, Telecommunications, Education, Entertainment and enterprise clients.

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Benefits of Augmented Reality

  • Become a market leader

    Differentiate yourself from the competition and have audiences see your business as relevant and progressive.

  • Increase Sales

    One obstacle to online shopping is that products are not always correctly represented, oftentimes due to poor photo availability. With augmented reality, it is possible to visualize an object in its "true" form before actually making a purchase.

  • Fun

    As augmented reality continues to gain popularity, audiences are looking for opportunities to engage in fun, interactive AR experiences.

AR a Communications Tool

    As we've already explained, augmented reality is a technology that creates an interaction between the real world and virtual data (such as objects, images, text, etc.). This virtual data is superimposed into reality through images in 2D or 3D through the screen of a connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or connected glasses.

Meet our team

We are a team of fashion vets, engineering gurus, technology-obsessed scientists, savvy investors and visual effects experts. We have come together and applied our dazzling array of talents to create the user experience our brand partners and their customers require. We hire for individual excellence, congeniality and immaculate good taste.

Take a look at our services

Experience zone offers Augmented Reality service that allows you to integrate a digital overlay on your print material, so you can bring your videos, links and images to life by using hardware and software. We are experts in all major AR / VR tools and SDK's. While some AR companies specialize in augmented reality app development only, While Experience zone focus on dynamic programming, performance, optimized design, security and usability with high class error free deliverable...

experienz [AR]

Turn your prints ADS in TVC. Experience PRINT zone with creative catalogue. Transform your reading experience with awesome 3D graphics in the real environment, in real time, and at scale.


experienz [AR]

Transform Your Classroom. Let your Student participate!. Our augmented reality (AR) app and platform enables students and teachers to visualize 3D models in the real environment, in real time, and at scale.


-Retail and Marketing-
experienz [AR]

Augmented reality, has become one of the hottest new advertising trends. AR allows smartphone users to point their phones' cameras at certain objects -- be it a Print, Billboards, Bus Shelters, Storefronts advertisement or even a coffee cup that trigger a 3D video.


experienz [AR]

AR and Fashion: The Future Is Now. When Fashion Meets Augmented Reality. We create virtual dressing room as per client requirements. Virtual "Mandap for bride and grooms" augmented dressing zone.


-Restaurent, Travel and Tourism-
experienz [AR]

Highlight your menu items by allowing a customer to point at an item on the menu with their cell phone and see 3D pictures of your drinks or dishes. Allow your customers to check in and let their friends know they are at your place.


-Real Estate-
experienz AR

Augmented Reality provides real estate professionals with the ability to showcase properties, buildings and apartments from a 3-D perspective, Using Augmented Reality home owners & realtors can visualize their new homes from printed brochures using a mobile app.


Some of our Clients

Career's @ Experience Zone

  • Developer-2 - We are on the search for an interactive creative thinker and developer to join our Unity Development team at Experience Zone.
  • Marketing-2 - Experience Zone looking for Marketing executives aim to maximise profits through developing sales strategies that match customer requirements and by promoting products, services or ideas.
  • Designer-3 - Experience Zone looking for designers who work from agreed design briefs, graphic designers use text and images to communicate information and ideas.

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